The End of a Brave and Dedicated Life

Since November 2007, much has happened in my life.

Firstly, about Lilian. She had the two cataract operations in George, about six weeks apart. These were very successful. The modern method is so much quicker and less traumatic than when I was in practice. With the insertion of intra-ocular lenses, her eyesight was better without glasses, than it had been before with glasses.

Over the next three years Lilian’s health gradually deteriorated. She had several hospital admissions. During one of these, she was diagnosed with chronic pulmonary fibrosis. This was followed by a chest infection which was successfully treated with antibiotics.

Severe osteoporosis of the spine caused her chronic nagging pain, for which she required increasingly strong medication, even pain-killing injections at times. In spite of this, she enjoyed walking in the early mornings; and remained brave and cheerful.

In 2010, she developed congestive cardiac failure, probably as the result of damaged heart valves due to rheumatic fever while in nurses’ training. From then on, she went downhill and it became more difficult to control her pain.

We had hoped to make a trip to Switzerland and England, but her health would not allow it.

Her last hospital admission was in December 2010 and on the 6th, whe went into a coma and was transferred to the ICU. On the 8th Dec. she developed auricular fibrillation and pneumonia, and passed away at 7:30 p.m that day.

It may seem heartless to say this, but it was a relief that, at last, she was at rest in Jesus; and not in pain and distress any more. Lilian used to say that she did not want to ever to go to the Frail Care Unit or to be artificially kept alive. Thankfully, her prayer was granted.

As can be understood, this was a very sad and stressful time for me; but I was wonderfully supported by my family, friends and neighbours.

Lilian had requested in her will that we have simple funeral service and that she be cremated. We had a Memorial Service for her on the 18th December. Jane flew over from Switzerland and my brother, Brian and his wife, Naomi, drove down from Pretoria. My granddaughter, Marié, and her husband, Richard, with their two little boys, were also down here and Richard helped me design the funeral brochure. Here is a copy, which you may be able to read:-


Front and Back of Brochure: Lilian Memorial Service brochure

Mary and Dick and the rest of my family, together with neighbours and friends, helped me get through the next few months.

The next phase of my life requires another chapter.