Children Not in School Government Consultation: BUC Response

7th June 2019

The UK Government as part of the process of framing and passing laws, will often conduct consultations so that professionals and members of the public can give their opinion on the law(s) that are to be framed.

One such consultation is with regard to new laws targeting children, who are 'homeschooled' that is, children who receive their education outside of the state and independent school sector.

The UK Government is seeking "…views on proposed legislation to establish a register maintained by local authorities of children not attending mainstream schools, together with associated duties on parents and the proprietors of certain educational settings…"


While it is not for me to offer speculation as to the motivation for such proposed legislation and whether this legislation is in the best interests of our Adventist constituency, it is true to say that this legislation will have an impact upon a number of Adventist parents and children.

In consultation with Adventist Education specialists I will be completing the consultation on behalf of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in the United Kingdom. However, I would prayerfully ask for our Adventist membership to prayerfully fill out the consultation as well, before the deadline of 24 June, 2019.

The consultation can be found at:


For further reading and background, you might like to consult the following websites:


This website is hosted by Dr Brighton Kavaloh whose wealth of knowledge in the area of Religious Liberty is unsurpassed in Adventist circles within the BUC.


This website, which is from the Evangelical Alliance, shares a number of their concerns regarding the proposed legislation.

I would like to thank you for your prayerful and considered response to this call to action.

[Ian Sweeney (Pastor & BUC President)]


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