Leamington Inspires Community through the Ukulele

1st March 2019

At The Mission, Leamington Spa, we take to heart the words of Ellen White when she wrote, "Christian sociability is altogether too little cultivated by God’s people…Especially should those who have tasted the love of Christ develop their social powers, for in this way they may win souls for the Saviour…" Testimonies for the Church Vol 6, p 172.

Through our 'Crafternoons' and Creative Cafés we have made many new friends with families in our community, with all ages, from children to grandparents participating. God has blessed this arm of outreach but at The Mission, we keep looking for new and innovative ways in which we can connect and serve our community.

So, it isn't surprising that with our strong musical talent and abilities, having a resident band and choir, our latest initiative is a 'ukulele band'! Of course, this is The Mission at Leamington Spa!!

A free crash course has been offered to both church members and community allmembers alike. The uptake has been so successful that we had to have two classes for the 18 people from ages 8 to 73 that signed up. We've only had two lessons so far and already we have a waiting list for another class starting at the end of April.

Our teachers are Christian Boxer and his 12-year-old son Ollie. Christian is a theology student and teaches ukulele, guitar, bass, etc., to supplement his family's income while he is studying.

On behalf of all church members at Leamington Spa Mission, we would like to thank both Carolyn Schulz for initiating this new ministry and Dwight Elliott for his commitment and support.

[Hazel Layland, Leamington Spa Seventh-day Adventist Mission]


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