Poetic Preacher Releases First Book

5th July 2019

Wherever love dwells great things will happen, no matter how poor or how bad the situation or circumstances. Love makes all 86275things possible. It makes one see hope in time of despair and light beyond the gloom. It also destroys those things that devalue us and distort our true identity. Love provides an atmosphere of truth and honesty that is integral to true growth and development (The Journey from Yard to Broad: Stories of Trial and Triumph, Clarence Jackson, 2019).

Clarence Jackson, Men's Ministries leader at Ilford Lane Seventh-day Adventist church, has written his first book. The Journey from Yard to Broad: Stories of Trial and Triumph is the unflinching coming of age story of how a little boy rose from humble beginnings to become a spiritual force in a country far away.

Born in Portland, Jamaica, Clarence, 35, is a dynamic preacher, youth mentor and seminar presenter. He is also a highly popular and sought-after poet on the spoken word scene. Recalling where his name – the poetic preacher ‒ comes from, he said, "I was invited to share poems at an event and the host asked what my stage name was but I didn't have one at the time. So, after the event, I went home and requested of God a name that I could use and in a still small voice He said, there are only two things you do for me. That was not the response I was looking for but soon after, it dawned on me that God was referring to my poetry and preaching and so the poetic preacher became my name."

Besides testifying of the goodness of God in poetry and preaching, Clarence is also the director of The Purposition Project where86276 he mentors young people in the community on personal and professional development. For Clarence, there is a need for inspiration, motivation, purpose, direction and most importantly a demonstration of God's awesome power in this generation. He said: "I'm always telling the youth whom I work with that they are born for a purpose and wired for great works. Life is about being; fully utilising our giftedness and maximizing our potential to the fulfilment of our purpose. Lessons on holistic development, for example, in mental health, emotional health, problem-solving, financial planning, effective communication and self-esteem to name but a few should be taught in schools." He added, "Everyone has a purpose and the only way to find and fulfil that purpose is to find out who made you and it's God who made you. So, if anything goes wrong in your life it's best to go back to the Manufacturer; the Author of life who understands us."

The advice given to the youth comes as a result of the personal experiences Clarence had when he came to London from Jamaica as a teenager, encountering his fair share of trials and triumphs along the way. Yet through it all, he learned to trust in Jesus and found that in Him he has an identity and a purpose in life: "Leaving my native Jamaica to come to London was not easy. Once here, there were many obstacles I had to overcome including language barriers, peer pressure, poverty and depression. There were times when I questioned where God was during some of the most difficult times in my life but then He would work things out miraculously and in my favour to let me know that along with Moses, Peter and the Apostle Paul, I too have a story to share with others in 2019 that this God of old is still alive, relevant and doing great things."

The Journey from Yard to Broad: Stories of Trial and Triumph is available on Amazon.

[Darell J Philip]


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