Hyland House Community Football Club Versus Newbold Wolves Friendly Football Match

11th October 2018

Parents and spectators alike watched a sensational football match where Hyland House Community Football Club played against Newbold Wolves. These are football clubs of primary-aged school children from Hyland House School and Newbold church. The match took place on Sunday 30 September 2018, at Newbold College grounds and revealed what was undoubtedly real up-and-coming talent. The game indeed carried a friendly theme, and displayed more than just a competing spirit, it carried many positive attributes; a real spectacle. The score at full time was a draw 4:4, followed by a win for Newbold Wolves narrowly, due to penalties.

What was also striking was the fact that both teams were formed for similar reasons; to empower, nurture and me81736ntor young people. Hyland House Community Football Club coach is Pastor Anthony Fuller, who is also South England Conference's (SEC) Youth director and Chaplain of Hyland House School. Pastor Fuller said, "we want to mentor children so that they can have positive role models, but also form friendships within positiv81734e groups." The club is open to the community and is an extension of SEC's Youth Ministries' initiative 'Top Boys' which aims not to wait till boys and girls are teenagers but begin mentoring them now.

Newbold Wolves Football Club was formed to train Newbold church primary school-aged children and is coached by its founder Sasha Becejac. Sasha said, "Our mis81733sion is to give the children an opportunity to gain good sporting attitudes in winning and losing with an excellent team spirit." He continued to say that the club was set up because all the other clubs in the area play their matches on Saturdays, and they charge for membership. "We train on Sundays and the children enjoy it and are very enthusiastic. We are excited about the collaboration with Pastor Fuller and the rest of their school team."

The theme of collaboration was observed throughout the game, both teams listened to their respective 81737coaches, to each other, perhaps even to the cheers. There was a sense of discipline, and of gentleness. One evident occasion was when Hyland House School player kindly helped a Newbold Wolves player up after a fall, a real spectacle.

Mrs Gina Abbequaye, Hyland House School Headteacher and SEC Education director said, "I am glad to see the hard work put in by both coaches to bring this match together. It is amazing to give our children the cha81735nce to experience a match in real-time action."

The match ended with celebrations first of 'man of the match' and 'golden boots' from each team and then pizzas.

One parent said, "this is undoubtedly a step forward to make sure our children grow up in safe groups, but also an enjoyable time for parents, family members and spectators."

A rematch is scheduled at Hyland House School in London on Sunday 28 October 2018.

[Judith Makaniankhondo Nyirenda ]

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