'The Time is Now' Campaign

23rd May 2018

Lewisham church was blessed to host a dynamic and soul inspiring campaign entitled 'The Time is Now' which began on 28 April 2018 for 2 weeks. Sixteen different speakers spoke throughout the series of meetings, preaching the gospel and calling souls to accept Jesus with powerful vigour and urgency. The presenters were a combination of former Revive and Stay Alive speakers who galvanised the youth to a greater commitment to Christ in the 1980s, ministerial colleagues who studied at West Indies College (now North Caribbean University) and a new generation of young preachers who are presently taking on the mantle churchof lay gospel ministry.

Some of these speakers included Sean Dowding, Asher McKenzie, Michael Mannix, John Matthiu, Veronica Williams, Costa Vaggas, Shereen Rodney, Nigel David, Ray Patrick, Eddie Hypolite, Stephen Fuller, Laith Wallace, Andrew Fuller, John Martin, Steve McKenzie, and Augustus Lawrence. The campaign which was organised by Lewisham church pastor, Colin Stewart and Dr Richard de Lisser coordinated the events leading up to the meetings and ensured the smooth-running of the series which was needed when every night involved a different speaker.

The meetings comprised a combination of vibrant praise, worship sessions and informative heath talks. Excitement and anticipation were amidst the congregation as the campaign launched with a rousing and melodious praise and worship service. Dr Sean Dowding, offered the first message on the Sabbath morning, which was touching and profound in its delivery, and encouraged everyone to return to the love of Jesus 2by reminding them of His purpose on earth which was to fellowship and embrace people from all walks of life. Asher McKenzie followed in the evening who continued the promising start.

More nights of inspirational preaching and Bible-based messages followed and the congregation was revived and empowered by the unique ability of each speaker to draw the soul to Jesus and inspire them to live a life of faith and joy through the power of God.

The meetings attracted both the youth and adults who invited their friends from the community and family members to attend. The campaign also attracted support from neighbouring churches in the south London area.

The final day started with a jubilant song service and Pastor Steve McKenzie preached with zeal and enthusiasm about the power of God to add taste and flavour to the life, with a sermon aptly titled 'It's not that dry'. Many were touched by the passion and heartfelt call to live a life fully surrendered to God and several came to the altar to make and renew their commitment to allow God's 1working in their life.

Commitment to God was expressed through three precious souls who made their decision to fully surrender their lives to Jesus in a baptism service which marked a high close to the campaign.

Rushayne Amur Archer, Florinda Dasilva, and Renique Henry showed bravery and humble willingness to embrace baptism and embark on a new life of following Christ. Many people came out in their numbers to rejoice at this joy filled event. The church was packed to capacity as the congregation not only celebrated the three baptismal candidates and welcomed them to the fold of God, but also gave thanks for the numerous blessings gained throughout the past 2 weeks of the campaign.

Many of the speakers returned to commemorate and support the baptism, and Pastor Stewart thanked all those who made the event special and reminded the church that despite the close of the campaign, the work of inviting souls to Jesus through community outreach was to still continue.

Photos: Tony Mcintosh

[Athea Bonner-McKenzie]

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