NEC Receives Grant from GC

14th March 2018

The Executive Committee of the Adventist World Radio Board of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists met and approved for the North England Conference (NEC) the sum of over three hundred and fifty thousand pounds (£350,000.00), for the purchasing of equipment and licensing for our radio station.

This came as a result of a meeting the NEC President Pastor Richard Jackson had with Duane McKey the President of Adventist World Radio. Duane was impressed by the evangelistic focus that the NEC radio project is emphasising.

In a conversation _JAL3350_previewwith Pastor Michael Simpson the NEC director for Church Growth, Church Planting and Personal Ministries; coordinator for Global Mission, ADRA, Mission To The Cities and Total Member Involvement, he said "This is not the time to tread softly. The present circumstance of our time does not allow such luxury. The Commandeering Chief commissions us to 'Go' (Matthew 28:19-20) and go we must. In going we do not need to question what going looks like; it is the undisputable action of proclamation and making disciples. Our radio station is not a tread softly broadcast; it is however a go boldly ministry. Our purpose is to make Jesus known by boldly lifting His name in the context of The Three Angels' Messages. Our two previous FM broadcasts during April 2014 in Manchester and April 2017 in Birmingham along with our 24/7 Internet radio presence have proven beyond doubt that a Seventh-day Adventist voice is urgently needed in the northern sectors of the British Isles."

The grant from the General Conference will help to build and maintain a Seventh-day Adventist radio network to serve the Midlands and the North of England with the purpose of making Jesus known across the airwaves. The station aptly named 'Adventist Hope FM', aims to broadcast for two periods each year on the FM frequency until digital opportunity is available Adventist-Hope-Media-newlogo_previewin the North of England.

In the words of Pastor Richard Jackson, "We want to thank God and the Adventist World Radio Board for their kind gesture. I implore all members and workers to commit themselves to the tasks of mission and evangelism. This gift was given by man but was led by God Himself. I am excited because this is the first time since I took up office that such a wonderful thing has happened in the North England Conference and I believe this is a sign of greater things to come. Let us pray that we will continue to trust in the Lord as He blesses us."


[ Lungani Sibanda, NEC Communication Director]


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