Chapel Porth ‒ A Special Place

13th April 2018

I do not know how many are aware of the Adventist campsite located in Chapel Porth on the north coast of Cornwall, one of the most beautiful places in England. It is a place that over many years of teen, family, student, junior, church and Area 1 camps and small group retreats, has played a major role in the spiritual life of many.

"It has made a difference in the lives of generations of people", says the local minister Pastor Chris Peake.

I (Steven Hulbert) am also one of those many having gone to camps there as a teenager and having been baptised on Chapel Porth beach at the age of 16 and now the organiser of 'LIVE in a field' and 'Chill in a field'. That is why I and an amazing group of volunteers every year give our time to clearing up the place after the winter season has passed.

On Sunday 8 April 2018, God blessed us with sunshine and a warmth we have not felt since summer as we assembled at the campsite prepared to get down to some serious scrubbing. It was wonderful to see the smiling faces of the young and the not as young, pitching in to make a place that has played a role in each of their lives ready to do the same for many others as the year unfolds. I honestly think that the Chapel Porth Youth Campsite is one of the biggest treasures that the South England Conference has. The potential of the place to speak Jesus into the lives of our youth is boundless.

Chris describes the situation well when he says, "With its spectacular setting on the hill overlooking the bare ocean, it needs a good deal of maintenance. So, we need volunteers from among those who know how much it is worth to lend a hand and keep it going ‒ and not least, just to clean it up after the ravages of winter!"

And so, I share this story with you to acknowledge those silent heroes from various walks of life to whom by the grace of God Chapel Porth has been a part of their spiritual walk with Jesus.

[Steven Hulbert]


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